Department of Public Works

The Jessup Borough Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of more than 3 miles of sanitary line in the roadways. When necessary, hydro jetting is the process used for unclogging, opening up the flow in the main sanitary system. 


Jessup Borough property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the lateral (drain pipe) from inside the property, beyond the curb to the sanitary main where the two pipes meet in the roadway.


Jessup Borough business owners including, but not limited to resturaunts and bars are required to install and maintain a grease trap designed specifically to separate grease and fats, preventing clog-causing materials from going into the pipe.

Preventing blockages and damages to the sewers.        What can you do to help?

Grease & Fat Coated Pipe

FOGG (fat, oil, grease, and grit) is contained by water and may appear to flow easily down the drain, especially when using warm water. Inside the pipe FOGG solidifies when exposed to cold air and or temperatures.

Clogged Lateral

Drain pipe or lateral clogging is caused by a mixture of calcium and fat as well. Human urine and corrosion from the pipe(s) produces calcium. When mixed with fats from any source, dense and failrly hard soap takes place. This means that any pipe located in any room inside the property can get clogged by soap formulated by the mixture of calcium and fats on a daily basis.

Grease, oil and fat are common products of foods and or cooking processes. Other daily use products that you may not be aware contain grease; such as fat based soaps and detergents. 


Prevention is the key to avoid a grease clogged drain. When cooking or manually washing dishes, do not flush fats, oils, butter, egg shells, and any other greasy substance into the sink. Pots, pans and dishes should be wiped of solids prior to washing, scraped foods and or materials should be disposed of in the trash.

Do Not Flush

The following items cause damage and unwanted sewer backups, put into the trash instead.

Flushable Wipes - they are not flushable

Baby Wipes

Facial Cleansing and Femine Hygiene Wipes

Paper Towel

Paper Napkin

Facial Tissue


Sanitary Napkins


Disposable Underware

Disposable toilet Brushes

Disposable Cleaning Rags



Dental Floss 

Cotton Swabs/Balls/Pads


Fat, Cooking oil, Grease

Candy/Food Wrappers

Clothing Labels/Price Tags


Cigarette Butts

Kitty Litter

Aquarium Gravel

Plastic Items