Bulk items include household furnishings, bicycles, stoves, microwaves, washers, etc. If you dispose of old carpet/rugs, 

please cut them up into 3' or 4' sections and tie with twine for easy handling.

Tin and aluminum cans, empty paint cans.

Glass jars and bottles. Plastic milk, juice, soup, flavored drink and aseptic cartons, detergent, soap containers .

Newspaper, magazines, mail (junk and personal), phone books, food boxes (remove plastic liner), computer paper, flyers, wrapping paper (no foil or plastic wrap), soda and beer cartons (no food-soiled paper, please!)

Matrress and box springs acont as 2 bulk items and MUST be wrapped in plastic.

Recycling is picked up weekly.


Trash and recycling collection are on the same day.


Jessup Borough is not effected by the recycling restrictioins in place at the Lackawanna County Recycling Center. JP Mascaro has its own private recycling center. Please continue to recycle as usual; single stream.



         All Businesses are strongly encouraged to recycle            cardboard, office paper and aluminum cans as stated in   

Act 101.